Welcome to the Treehouse!

Welcome to The Treehouse Center for Children and Families! We are a pediatric office located in Stafford Springs, CT. Our office offers a close, family-friendly alternative to "big medicine." We focus on families as a whole and strive to make each child feel like they are a part of our extended family. It is our privilege to serve our families in whatever ways we can, and to get to know all of them on a first name basis. We provide support and direction that enables parents to make well-informed decisions for their children.

Coronavirus COVID-19, now what?

Our office remains committed to providing families with the best care possible. Amidst the fear and madness, please slow down, take a deep breath and hear these words. Terry M Eccles, MD

Our Mission Statement:

To create a medical home that interacts with families to provide hope, stability, and kindness through all phases of life; to use our specialized abilities to identify and assist children and families affected by abuse; and to honor God in all that we do.

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Proud to be a Patient Centered Medical Home since 2012